Default value for log_buffer parameter

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Subject: Default value for log_buffer parameter
Posted by:  David Hollenberg (dholl…
Date: 26 Oct 2005

Using Oracle on Solaris 9.
Value for parameter sga_target = 1G.  I let the value for parameter
log_buffer default.

SQL> show parameter log_buffer

NAME                                TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
log_buffer                          integer    6203392

SQL> select name, value, isdefault from v$parameter
where name = 'log_buffer';

NAME                VALUE                ISDEFAULT
-------------------- -------------------- ---------
log_buffer          6203392              TRUE

Documentation says that redo log buffer size is controlled manually
(not part of automatic sizing) and has a default value of "512 KB or
128 KB * CPU_COUNT, whichever is greater".  Machine has 4 CPUs, so log
buffer size should be 512 KB.  Documentation bug or code bug?


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