Hardware VIP.

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Subject: Hardware VIP.
Posted by:  t538449 (kenneth.osenbro…@telenor.com)
Date: 9 Nov 2005

Hi, I have a 10gR2 environment consisting of two nodes both with an own
10gR2 installation (not RAC). They share disks and are intended to work
as a standby solution.

I want to be able to use a common/shared listener for the solution,
mening that all client connections use the same IP/DNS entry for the
databases served by the node(s). I have checked this with Oracle, who
recommends me to use a hardware VIP solution since I am not running
RAC. This is a non-Oracle solution, hence they cant/wont give me a
pointer in how to set this up.

The solution could be something like this: Server (node a) where the
primary node is running has an IP address asssigned to it. Let say You have a TNS listener running on the node a using this
IP address When a problem happends on node a, say a
network or hardware failure then the IP address 138.33.33 is moved
across to node b where you have a TNS listener configured and waiting
to be started on address

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to implement this?