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Subject: Re: rman/netbackup
Posted by:  Ronald Rood (devnu…
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:27:39 +0100, nugster wrote
(in article <1132244859.757677.1445…>):

> i currently trying to change all our rman to disk backupsscheduled in
> cron to:
> netbackup scheduled rman straight to tape.
> I have set up netbackup to take the disk backup off to tape after cron
> does the rman backups.
> 1. when setting up a script in netbackup can you pass parameters if so
> how.
> ( current rman job runs ./rman_job <oracle-sid> and i want set
> netbackup similar
> 2. is it possible to have one netbackup job that will rman to disk and
> to tape .
> cheers
> nug

Do you want to backup to disk and have that picked up by a filesystem backup
or do you want to backup directly to tape ? In the latter case you need to
use the media manager - and probably extra licenses for it.
It works like a charm.

With kind regards / met vriendelijke groeten,


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