Oracle 64-bit Intel Support

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Subject: Oracle 64-bit Intel Support
Posted by:  mcc…
Date: 21 Nov 2005

On the 9i and 10g download pages, I have seen references to the
following 64-bit Intel architectures:

64-bit Itanium,
Intel EM64T,
AMD64, and

Is it just me or is this totally confusing...!

I have tried searching google for a decent explanation/comparison of
each of these architectures but I can' find anything which seems to
cover all of them.  I havea feeling that some of the above refer to the
same chip.

Anyone know the difference between these chip architectures, and which
ones are compatible with each other...? Or a link to a website that can
help me out...

e.g.  on the 9i download page there is no software for Itanium, will
the IA64 version work on that chip..?