mod_plsql x apache x websphere

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Subject: mod_plsql x apache x websphere
Posted by:  mRangel (marcus.rang…
Date: 22 Nov 2005

Dear friends,

First of all, allow me to say that browsing through this forum is a
great learning experience, thank you all. Now to the question: :-)

We have some PSP pages within our application, which we run using OAS
in some places and using the apache that comes with Oracle DB 9i in
other places. A new customer has a policy that says that their
application server has to be IBM's websphere. Does anybody knows if:

1. Is it possible to attach mod_plsql to a standard or non-oracle
Apache ? If so, what happens in terms of licensing ?

2. Is websphere based on apache ?

Thanks in advance.
Marcus Rangel