imp issue on windows nt

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Subject: imp issue on windows nt
Posted by:  lsllcm (lsll…
Date: 27 Nov 2005

I have oracle server, running on windows 2003 server.

I use the following exp command to export one schema
exp userid=user/pass@accela60_db file=(file_01_1016.dmp,
file_02_1016.dmp,file_03_1016.dmp,file_04_1016.dmp) filesize=2147483648

I drop the schema and import it back.

Then I use the following imp command to import the schema.
imp userid=system/pass file=(file_01_1016.dmp,
file_02_1016.dmp,file_03_1016.dmp,file_04_1016.dmp) fromuser=user
touser=user commit=y buffer=300000000 ignore=y log=file_imp.log

After imported 50%, it always prompts "Explort error, send the error
page to microsoft", and the imp program is aborted.

Can anyone help on this?