Wrong results or some configuration detail (Oracle 10G) ?

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Subject: Wrong results or some configuration detail (Oracle 10G) ?
Posted by:  dba_ccee (iury.c…@gmail.com)
Date: 28 Nov 2005

Hi All ! Members please look this situation:

To homolog Oracle 10g (to migrate) I check the results from one
aplication (composed by 16 procedures).
To test the results I install two databases in Oracle 10G, first in
Solaris (same machine) and second in Linux (other server), basically
with the same server parameters and locale (unix enviroment).
I load data with export into databases and create dblinks with the 9i
database (Solaris). Running "select * minus" I confirm that the data
are same in all databeses (result: "0 rows") - the data is exactualy
the same in all.
Executing the routine (16 procedures in sequence) the result was
diferent to all, comparing 9i x 10g(Solaris), 9i x 10g(Linux) and
10g(Solaris) x 10g(Linux).
Checking for example the nls_parameters, they are the same. Importants
server parameter are the same too (cursor_charing, optimizer_mode,

Anybody suspect what can are doing this diference in the results ?
Migranting from 8 to 9i I do the same test, and was OK.