Re: RMAN / controlfile / TDPO issue

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Subject: Re: RMAN / controlfile / TDPO issue
Posted by:  Andreas Piesk (a.pie…
Date: 2 Aug 2006

Evan Ehrenhalt wrote:
> RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on c1 channel at 07/28/2006 00:20:02
> ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file,
> name="DB1P_ARCHIVE_20060728_578190000_s19709_p1", parms=""
> ORA-27028: skgfqcre: sbtbackup returned error
> ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:
>    ANS1017E (RC-50)  Session rejected: TCP/IP connection failure

i had the same problem and solved it.
in my case TSM server parameter CONNTIMEOUT (default 600s) was just too
small. RMAN simply didn't send data for more than 600s and TSM dropped
the session. when RMAN woke up and tried to transfer data again, the
session was rejected.
i tracked the issue down by monitoring the TSM sessions with dsmc.
btw, IBM recommends 6000s for backing up DB2.




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RMAN / controlfile / TDPO issue posted by Evan Ehrenhalt on Wed, 02 Aug 2006