How to trigger Informatica from OAE ?

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Subject: How to trigger Informatica from OAE ?
Posted by:  John Burke (a…
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006


We will be using Oracle Application Express (OAE) to upload a tab
delimited text file. After performing some simple validations on the
data uploaded, OAE will write the data rows to a table in the Oracle

At this point, we would like to kick off an Informatica mapping which
will read the data from this table, perform some more validations and
transformations, and load it into the final tables.

We want as small a delay as possible between the time the user uploads
the file and the time it is loaded into the final table(s) in the

The reason for not developing stored procedure(s) is that we want to
leverage the vast Informatica code that already exists.

What are the different ways (assuming there are some) that an OAE screen
could trigger an Informatica mapping ?

Your responses to the newsgroup are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.