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Subject: Re: locks
Posted by:  Mladen Gogala (goga…
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006

On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 10:08:11 -0700, mike7411 wrote:

> Many users, and some programmers, don't understand that terminating a
> process does not always release locks.

A transaction can have two outcomes: commit and rollback. If and when
Oracle detects that the connecting process no longer responds to the
"heartbeat" (there used to be a "KEEP_ALIVE" parameter which is now the
default and only option), the oracle server process that was used to
establish the connection will roll the transaction back, keeping the locks
until the rollback is complete. The problem here is that, because of the
OS features of the particular OS, Oracle might not be very expedient in
recognizing the dead processes society. That is one of the problems that
resource profiles were invented for. You can set up your resource profile
to disconnect the process after certain acceptable time limit has been
reached: SQL> select 24*60*365 from dual;


SQL> alter profile default limit idle_time 525600;

Profile altered.


Every username has a "profile" attribute, so if you enable them by setting
resource_limit to true, every session belonging to the user with resource
profile "default" will be disconnected after only 525600 minutes of




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