Desperately need an SQL query for the following problem

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Subject: Desperately need an SQL query for the following problem
Posted by:  Dave (drathn…
Date: 11 Aug 2006

I don't write a lot of SQL queries but have been able to do most of the
work with what little I know. This one, however, has me stumpped.
Here's my problem:

I have records in a table that contain a start date and an end date.
I need to select records from this table that fall within a date range.

The date range could cover a single,multiple or no rows depending on
range being queried. Example:

My Table:
Row  StartDate    EndDate
1    1-Jan-2001    15-Jan-2001
2    16-Jan-2001  2-Feb-2001
3    3-Feb-2001    15-Feb-2001
4    16-Feb-2001  5-Mar-2001
5    6-Mar-2001    15-Mar-2001

Here are some possible queries:

    Query  StartDate  EndDate      ExpectedRow(s)
    1      1-Jan-2001  22-Jan-2001  1,2
    2      17-Jan-2001 25-Jan-2001  2
    3      17-Jan-2001 8-Mar-2001  2,3,4,5
    4      17-Mar-2001 1-Apr-2001  5
    5      1-Apr-2001  20-Apr-2001  nothing

I've been trying a lot of different selects but nothing is working.

Can anyone help?