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Subject: Re: Outer join query problem
Posted by:  Bob Jones (ema…@me.not)
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006

<Harnek.Ma…> wrote in message
> Hey Everybody,
> I am trying to run the following query on oracle 10g & I endup with an
> error
> ORA-01799: a column may not be outer-joined to a subquery
> select s2.portfolio, parvalue pv, nvl(r.rate,0) rate from std s2
> join rates r on s2.fltindex = r.indicator
> and r.datefld = (select max(datefld) from rates r2 where r2.datefld <=
> '11-August-2006' and r2.indicator = s2.fltindex)
> where s2.type in (select type from stdtype where calctype <>
> 'LineOfCredit')
> and nvl(s2.rate,0) = 0
> and s2.datemature > '11-August-2006'
> and s2.datesettle <='11-August-2006'
> and upper(s2.status) = 'DONE'
> but this same query works fine on Oracle 9i.
> Is there any body who can tell me that what's problem can be. The issue
> is that I can change the query but it should be compatible to SQL
> Server also.
> Thanks
> Harnek

I don't see an outer join here.



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