Change default Schema for a user automatically

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Subject: Change default Schema for a user automatically
Posted by:  Sam (sasan.raisda…
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006

Hi There,
Is there a way that I define , default Schema for a user automatically?

I have some users that login from different software and they have no data
under their schema,
but they have some permissions on Tables and Procedures under another user
schema, I don't
want them to user Schema. (Prefix) when they call an object (Maintanace
problam), I know that there is a command


But is there a way to change it for a user for ever? is there such a thing
like "Login Script" for user that I can add this
command for user to make it run whenever it login to system? (They don't
login through SQL+, they login from different
program or Oracle clients).

I use Oracle 10G release 2.0 under widows Server 2003,

Thank you in Advance - Sam