Replication performance - how to measure it ?

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Subject: Replication performance - how to measure it ?
Posted by:  mj…
Date: 24 Aug 2006


could you please advice on how to measure replication performance
in Oracle, DB2 & MS SQL Server RDBMS installed in Windows servers ?
I've got two servers with databases installed and configured,
I prepared set of data using DBGEN from TPC and I already imported them
into databases.Also, I configured the replication.
Now I have to do a test with a few kind of replications method
implemented in these RDMBS, but I don't know which tool or reports or
"v$iews" should I use to measure replication performance.
The replication is configured only between the same RDBMS, I mean
Oracle <-> Oracle, DB2 <-> DB2 and MSSQL<-> MSSQL.
Most of applications are great for checking performance of local DB,
not for replicated/distributed.
I've found description of CA Unicenter Database Performance Management
for distributed RDMBS, and I think it could be the right one, but I
can't find any demo or trial version :(
Could you please advice any place to download it, or other application,
script, description, just whatever.
Perhaps just any other idea how to check the replication mechanism
efficiency ?