Datapump and read only database

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Subject: Datapump and read only database
Posted by:  Lothar_Armbr=C3=BCster
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006

Hello Experts,

I'm trying to figure out how to use datapump after an upgrade of our
databases (Oracle 9.2 on W2k) to 10.2.
Currently, we have a phyical standby database (using Dataguard) that is
made read only during daytime for reporting purposes. On this database
we are also running a dayly full export. This one writes some complaints
into the log but besides that runs fine.

I'm reading the manual for datapump which states that datapump is much
faster than imp so I'm considering using datapump after the upgrade.
But the manual also states that datapump does not work with read only
databases. Now the question is what can I do?

I could stick with exp/imp or set up a second small instance on the
standby server which will be read/write and just exist to do the
datapump remotely on the standby database. I also could do the
datapump remotely on the primary site but that would run over the
network and put some load on the primaray database which I want to

What would you recommend?


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