oracle system audit for local host activity

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Subject: oracle system audit for local host activity
Posted by:  Richard (richard_p_frankl…
Date: 12 Sep 2006


I want to use oracle system audit to catch all activity on my database
that originates on the database server itself. I don't want to capture
any of the networked application activity that comes across
tns/network, I only want to catch the activity that users do when they
access the database from the host that the database is on.

In my environment, this is very little activity, and so I don't want to
fill the system audit tables with routine application and networked
database access. I want just the access from local host. I don't want
to have a lot of work managing the audit tables, just a good record of
this infrequent activity.

how can I pre-filter the audit events so that *only* the events
correlating to activity by a user on the database host get logged???