Tracefiles not generated

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Subject: Tracefiles not generated
Posted by: (kurt.lauges…
Date: 20 Sep 2006

I am trying to trace my sql (setting event 10046 either in my own
session or using dbms_system.set_ev).
I have done this many times before, but I am now working on some new
instances, that I have not created, and the funny thing is that nothing
happens. No tracefiles are generated and no errors reported.
Only when i set tracefile_identfier=<something> do the files get
This means I CAN in fact do my job, but it still puzzles me, I have
never seen this behaviour before.

It also makes it hard to trace another session, since I have to assure
that they set tracefile_identier in their session before I start
tracing a part of a long batchrun.

Kind regards
Kurt Laugesen