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Subject: Re: Connection timeout
Posted by:  sybrandb (sybran…
Date: 29 Sep 2006

Kurt-Erich.Fing… wrote:
> Standard version on Debian
> patched 'til CUPJuly2006
> I get a connection timeouts when I am connected to the database via
> TOAD and also using Putty and SQLPlus (the operating system on the
> client is XP) after some hours.
> I think this occurred after checking the system for vulnarabilities
> according to the Oracle warning this spring. I don't recall the
> document anymore.
> Before I was connected to the database undefinitely.
> I checked the profiles on the database and the sqlnet.ora file on the
> server.
> I found no entries that would set timeout, idle_time or somthing like
> that.
> Somebody has clue what could lead to my timeouts?

'Connection timeout' is vague, as it can mean multiple error messages.
Does your 'connection timeout' has an error message?
Before assuming it is 'naturally'Oracle, did you verify any network
related problems, by running traceroute and/or ping commands, or
Was anything changed in the network the last few months?
I remember I couldn't connect to the network once, because the cleaners
pulled the network cable from my system during vacuum cleaning my room.

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA


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