datapump, expdp, is very slow

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Subject: datapump, expdp, is very slow
Posted by:  Snonck (snon…
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006

Are many people using datapump (expdp) on solaris 10, oracle or
on other platforms?

I find that it is really slow! It sits there for ages doing nothing,
well nothing obvious. I was doing some tracing and found that it was
doing the following for every single user in the database!


I guess it must have a good reason for doing it?

It also does lots of other SQL like the above statement. Once it starts
doing the table dumps it is quite good, especially the parallelism, but
at the beginning and end when it does the meta data it takes ages (I
realise that it does the meta data sequentially but still it takes
ages)! Especially when you have over a hundred thousand users in the

I'm going to do some comprehensive tests later on, so might post some
timings then.