RMAN Restore

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Subject: RMAN Restore
Posted by:  Björn_Wächter
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006

Hi all,

I configured my database on linux with Enterprise manager
to do a full backup every week and incremental backups every day.
The problem I face now is. How can I restore from the backup files
in case of a total lose of the server (for example hard disk crash).
Can anyone tell me where I can find a description how to restore in
such a case or tell me the basic steps in such a scenario.

The options I used for the full are:

-Customized Backup > Whole Database
-Compressed Backup Set
-Backup Type = Full Backup,
-Use as the base of an incremental backup strategy = yes,
-Backup Mode = Online Backup,
-Also back up all archived logs on disk = yes,
-Delete all archived logs from disk after they
are successfully backed up = yes,
-Delete obsolete backups = yes.

for the incremental:

-Incremental Backup (Level 1) = yes
-Refresh the latest datafile copy on disk to the current time
using the incremental backup = no

Thanks Björn