changing archive_log_dest

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Subject: changing archive_log_dest
Posted by:  dharm (dharmnag…
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007

running oracle8i on windows 2003

Database log mode              Archive Mode
Automatic archival            Enabled
Archive destination            I:\Oracle\oradata\pacs\archive
Oldest online log sequence    23289
Next log sequence to archive  23292
Current log sequence          23292

in my init.ora,

log_archive_dest = I:\oracle\backup\archive
log_archive_duplex_dest = I:\Oracle\oradata\pacs\archive

I want to move my log_archive_dest to Z:\oracle\backup\archive

I know I can make an init.ora change, but I cannot schedule some
downtime for a little while.
how can I make this change permanently on the fly (already assuming I
have to use scope=pfile or both).

remembering that this is oracle8i, is it possible/how to do this with
zero downtime. remembering that I want a permanent change.