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Posted by:  DA Morgan (damorg…
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007

Loial wrote:
> In Oracle 10g I see the following entry on dba_jobs, scheduled to run
> every second.
> What is it, do I need it. Can I stop it?

You can stop anything. You can also trash the database if you wish.

Seems to me the proper order would be:
1. What is it and what is it doing?
2. What impact is it having on the system?
3. What impact would there be from not having it?
4. Should I be spending my time doing more important things than
    trying to stop things I don't understand.

But in answer to your question the EMD_ packages are owned by
SYSMAN and to find out what it does do what you should have done
in the first place ... read the docs at

BTW: If you worked for me and you stopped it ... I'd stop your
paychecks. <g>

Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington
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