A PL/SQL Loop Question

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Subject: A PL/SQL Loop Question
Posted by:  mt…@mtekusa.com
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007

Hi Everyone,

I have this weird thing I have to do in PL/SQL and cannot figure it

We are running 8i at the moment.  I need to use dynamic SQL for this.
Our application receives some parameters from a website.  On the
website the user will choose which columns of data they want to
display.  The information is received by the procedure via an array.

I need to go through each element of the array, using it's contents,
and gather some data from a table, and then return the information
back to PHP.

So, I have an unknown number of items that I need to select, as well
as an unknown number of items which will be returned by the query.

My thought was to set up a 2 dimentional array and first loop through
the number of items in the array.  For each item I'd construct a
select statement and retrieve the column from the table.  So, I'd come
up with an array that would have rows and columns of everything

I was going to use 'EXECUTE IMMEDIATE' to execute the query.  I am
having trouble with 2 things:  First is if Oracle 8i supports multi-
dimentional arrays.  The second thing is since I do not know how many
rows I am retrieving from the table, how can I construct the proper

A weird thing and hard to explain.  I can try to be more specific if

Thank you.