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Subject: Re: 3 tables join
Posted by:  Brian Tkatch (N/A)
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007

On Thu, 08 Nov 2007 07:46:08 -0800, Nick
<nachiket.shirwalk…> wrote:

>I have have 3 tables TableA, TableB and TableC. TableA holds the keys
>to TableB and TableC. I need a query which will display the details
>from TableB and TableC depending on the key in TableA.
>For eg.
>TableA - columns {id, relatedkey, recordType} ===recordType will hold
>values like TableB or TableC
>TableB - columns{id, column1}
>TableC - columns{id, column1}
>the query should match the related key to the id of TableA or table B
>based on recordType and show the column1 value with the TabelA id so
>output for this should be
>id    recordType      column1
>1      TableB            value of TableB column1
>2      TableC            value of TableC column1
>Please help.

If it is only one value, a subquery can pull the appropriate value. A
CASE statement based on recordType could specify the two separate
SELECT sub-queries, and execute the appropriate one.



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