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Subject: Re: Migrating to 11g
Posted by:  sriram717 (sriram.vrin…
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007

On Nov 15, 1:51 pm, mark_smith <bhuta.dars.…> wrote:
> Hey guys, We are on Oracle 9i and not sure if we will migrate to
> Oracle 11g.  I am wondering, if any of you folks have upgraded to
> Oracle 11G and if so why, or if you are still in the previous version,
> why so.  Also, wondering, if I am on Oracle 9i - how much incremental
> budget will i need to get approval for, if we migrate to Oracle 11g -
> assuming all other things being equal.

You need to migrate to 9i as the End of support Notice is already on,
now 9i is under extented support.

There is no extra cost invovled in terms of licences unless you are
moving from single instance to rac and have plans to go ahead with a
new infrastructre with more CPU Power.we have migrated from 9i to 10g
recently so will wait for some more time until 11g is stabilized.
Additinal cost that you might incur would depend on your migration
strategy , reuse of platform or not etc.




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