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Subject: Re: Migrating to 11g
Posted by:  bdbafh (bdba…
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007

On Nov 15, 8:51 am, mark_smith <bhuta.dars.…> wrote:
> Hey guys, We are on Oracle 9i and not sure if we will migrate to
> Oracle 11g.  I am wondering, if any of you folks have upgraded to
> Oracle 11G and if so why, or if you are still in the previous version,
> why so.  Also, wondering, if I am on Oracle 9i - how much incremental
> budget will i need to get approval for, if we migrate to Oracle 11g -
> assuming all other things being equal.

not 11g specific, but probably worth a read:

"An Oracle 10g Upgrade Case Study: Looking at System Performance
Before and After the Upgrade," by Roger Schrag (February 2005).

    * White paper (HTML)
    * Slide show (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Obligatory reference to the Oracle 11g R1 Database Server Upgrade

Depending upon what killer features in 11g you want to leverage vs.
level of risk that you're willing to assume, you might just decide to
upgrade to 10g R2 and hold off on migrating to 11g R1 until after
you've tested, submitted your bugfixes and awaited the availability of
the fixes in a patchset or one-off patch. (base release) wasn't ready for me until after the
patchset (10 g R1 patchset2) was applied. (10g R2 patchset 2) with the October Critical Patch Update is
working pretty well for me.

Maybe you'll get lucky with the base release.
Quite a few bugs that are fixed in the upcoming patchset are
also fixed in

Check the known issues doc up on Metalink.





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