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Subject: Re: Migrating to 11g
Posted by:  joel garry (joel-gar…
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007

On Nov 15, 5:51 am, mark_smith <bhuta.dars.…> wrote:
> Hey guys, We are on Oracle 9i and not sure if we will migrate to
> Oracle 11g.  I am wondering, if any of you folks have upgraded to
> Oracle 11G and if so why, or if you are still in the previous version,
> why so.  Also, wondering, if I am on Oracle 9i - how much incremental
> budget will i need to get approval for, if we migrate to Oracle 11g -
> assuming all other things being equal.

I'm in the "don't run production on the bleeding edge" camp.

You might want to be sure you understand what licensing applies to
what you have, especially if you intend to run Oracle performance
monitoring, standby databases, SE v. EE, how many and what kind of
processors you have, and so forth.  Very confusing documentation on
all of this exists in a number of places on metalink and,
all things _are not_ equal.  The actual checking of your licensing is
much tighter as you go above 9i.  We can't really answer questions
about your budget here, you are pretty much stuck going through your
salesperson if you don't want to pay full price.  At least that's what
others say, my personal observation about what happens when you ask
the salesperson is much more sour.

-- is bogus.
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