utl_smtp Hanging when opening a connection

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Subject: utl_smtp Hanging when opening a connection
Posted by:  collins.pau…@googlemail.com
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007

We are using utl_smtp to send emails from our database. We currently
run Oracle 9.2 on RHEL4, with Postfix as our mailserver.

Lately, we have noticed that the process creating the email is
hanging, which often requires the database to be taken down to fully
kill off the session. (This is on our test system, fortunately).

Having looked at a numnber of posts on various forums, I have seen
that this is not an uncommon problem. Oracle have included a timeout
parameter in utl_smtp.open_connection, but this is not implemented for
write processes (in version 9.1 to 10.2, although more may be the
same), and from comments, I have seen that this timeout functionality
does not apply to opening the connection itself.

Has anybody come up with a solution to programmatically cause the open
connection to timeout if a connection is not established in a
reasonable time, and if so, can you please help me.

Many thank in anticipation,