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Subject: impdp very very long ...
Posted by:  Giganews (chapka…
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008

Hello all
I am the happy heir of a server running Red Hat Enterprise 3 with Oracle
10.2g. This server is used for integration purposes. Every night, the prod
db is exported to a dump file using expdp, and then we use impdp to import
the schemas, one after the other. The export (5GB) is done in about 30
minutes, the import takes about 7-8 hours ! There are very few people using
this server/this db, the machine is not overloaded at all. I tried to import
on Sunday, when really nobody works on it, same behaviour. It would be nice
if somebody could give me some advice where to start searching. Of course I
already rebooted the server, no change.