Oracle specialist trainers/consultants in Australia?

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Subject: Oracle specialist trainers/consultants in Australia?
Posted by:  Geoff Muldoon (geoff.muldo…
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008

Hi all,

Apologies for cross-posting, but I expect my search to be difficult, and
any responses to *ONLY* please, or to me
by email - geoff dot muldoon at gmail dot com.

I'm currently involved in a project prototyping (successfully so far) the
use of Oracle Change Data Capture: Asynchronous Autolog Mode.

As part of the project outcome documentation I will need to include
availability and costing of (on-site?) training/consultant sessions should
we proceed - and that has yet to be confirmed - to a full implementation.

Funding is limited, so international travel is NOT feasible, we are
looking for this resource *WITHIN AUSTRALIA ONLY*.

Platform: 10.2.x RAC on Linux
Technology: Oracle Change Data Capture
Audience: 1 DBA, 1-2 Junior DBAs, 2-3 Developers
Location: If on-site, north coast of NSW (near Byron Bay)
Duration: Two days (? under advisement)
Timing: Late 2008 / Early 2009

Likely topics:
CDC/Streams Overview
Multiple-source database configurations
Capture and propagation management
Process monitoring and statistics
Error detection and recovery

As already stated, at this stage this is only a search for POSSIBLE
available resources, no guarantee, subject to negotiation, etc., etc.
Yes, I'm just fishing :-)

Geoff M