Upgrade Question on 10g

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Subject: Upgrade Question on 10g
Posted by:  Mtek (mt…@mtekusa.com)
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008


We are running Oracle  We want to upgrade to the latest

I guess first, is this really necessary.  Also, we I noticed this
comment in the documentation:

1.    When patching from a lower 10.2 release or upgrading from 10.1.0.X
directly to, check the current version of the Oracle time
zone definitions with the following command:
2.    SELECT version FROM v$timezone_file;
o    If this query reports version 4, no action is required; in this
case, continue with steps described in section 7.6.
o    If this reports a version lower or higher then 4, see OracleMetalink
document 553812.1 Actions for the DSTv4 update in the Release

Item 1 says a "lower 10.2 release".  I believe this is not us because
we are on  However, the query to select from v$timezone
returns a 2 for the version........which would point us to document

So, am I right that this set of text is not relevant to our setup?

Thank you,