open "cursors" on the server

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Subject: open "cursors" on the server
Posted by:  Micha P (p…
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008

i need something to know:
if i have a java programm and send some sql statements via jdbc to the
oracle server, then i will store the resultset in a resultset variable
(without getting any data of a row from the server).
now its possible, that eg 10 hours later, the programm  use the
resultsetobject and begin to compute the data (so with .nextrecord the data
of the rows are needed from the server).

(You can compare this szenario with open a cursor but getting the data of
this cursor could be done 10 hours later.)

What data may i get? will i get the data, that was on the server, when i
send the sql statement? or will i get the data, when i compute the
Remember: the data on the server can changed?

How do oracle manage this?