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Subject: Time zones calculation - browser apps
Posted by:  Jeremy (jeremy05…@gmail.com)
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009


this question pertains to +

Say we have a database which runs on a server which is ALWAYS set to

We have users of a web application in two timezones - say today this is
GMT+1 and GMT+2. In the winter, these will be GMT and GMT+1.

The application is browser based (so not concept of client time) but we
would like it to be able to present times (from database columns of type
DATE) with an appropriate offset so that the user sees them presented
corectly (for them). The database stores all dates using db server time.

This statement:

select tz_offset('cet') from dual;
= gives us +2

select tz_offset('wet') from dual;
= gives us +1

When the clocks go back in the autumn, will these values automatically
alter to +1 and +0 ?

Sorry of this is not too clear - I understand what I am asking :)