Oracle data change history ?

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Subject: Oracle data change history ?
Posted by:  grz01 (grz…
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009


We are building a new application with Java/Spring, Hibernate and

One requirement is to be able to trace back the history of all objects
(table-rows) in the database and see how they looked at a certain
point back in time.
We also need to know who changed what, and when -- but "who" is
determined by programming-logic (not the userid in Oracle) so I guess
that info has to be stored along in the database-tables.

The flashback-feature in Oracle seems to have the general
functionality we want, but being based on redo-logs, etc, I guess it's
not useful if you want to retain all history going back, say, 24
months, or so?

Is there some other feature or framework (from Oracle, a third-party
or open-source) suitable for this purpose?

TIA, grz