Switch Killed Computer's LAN port

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Subject: Switch Killed Computer's LAN port
Posted by:  Steve Smith (s.w.smithREMOVECA…@ctliving.net)
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005

I connected a Asound 8 port switching hub to my network and one of the
computers suddenly could no longer communicate over the LAN. It couldn't get
an IP address. I verified that this is not a software problem by swapping
the hard drive and OS from an identical computer. I installed another LAN
cards in this computer and it now work fine with the same cable, etc. The
problem port is an on-board port on a Biostar M7NCG motherboard. I've reset
the CMOS, but that didn't help. The problem port's lights come one when the
cable is plugged in, but it will not acquire an IP address. It also will not
communicate when I set a static IP address. The NIC appears fine in Device
Manager. The port has been working fine for the last three months right up
until I installed the switching hub. It appears the switch caused the
problem. However, other computers connected to the switch were not affected
and the switch appears to be working fine. I've installed a LAN card in the
problem computer and all is well, but this has me wondering.

What could cause this problem? Is it possible that the switch is defective
and it sent out an electrical current that damaged the port? I'm concerned
that the switch could cause more problems. Is there a way to test a switch's
LAN port to check its electrical characteristics?

Thank you,
Steve Smith