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Subject: Re: Storing results of a form - anyhow
Posted by:  David Dorward (dorwa…
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003

Axel Schwenke wrote:

> What kind of possibilities may I use to store information out of a form?

Flat files
.... not much other choice.

> I'm working on a survey for our company.
> Therefor I created a html-document with a form in it.
> Till now I used the action "mailto:" to return the rsults of that form.

Which often doesn't work:

> But I think there must be better ways.

Server side processes.

> I could save the survey-html-file on one of our fileservers, so that
> everyone can access the file.

Try a webserver instead.

> It would be good to let the system create a result-file for every user.
> One big file or even one file per user.

> The problem is that I can't be sure what kind of browsers are used by our
> users.

Browser choice is irrelevent, http is a standard.

> And some users don't have an email-account, so that I can't return the
> results per "mailto"-action.

Which is why you shouldn't violate the HTML specification by using the
mailto action.

> Can this be done on a simple win2000-fileserver?


> Or do I have to install a webserver?


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