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Subject: div problems
Posted by:  Bryce (Work) (spamtrap@berzerker-soft.com)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003

I have a page that's being dynamically generated.

It has 2 parts, which I want to display on top of each other (not
overlapping, but one after the other). I won't know the height of the
1st part until run time.

Now, to compound the problem, each part has elements inside it that
are absolute positioned inside its box.

I have tried to use <div style="position:absolute">, but I need to
know the top and height of the 1st part in order to place the 2nd part
(which I don't).

Of course using <div> tags without a position:absolute style will
place the parts one after the other, but then the contained elements
are then positioned inside the browser as opposed to the desired
result; positioned inside its containing box.

Any suggestions? Tips?