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Subject: numbered lists
Posted by:  Jeff Thies (
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004

I have search results coming back and they need to be numbered.

Sounds like an ordered list...

It needs to look like this:

1.  **********      line one of information
      * image*      line two of information

the image is 2 lines high.

The top of the image needs to be aligned with the top of the numeral, to do
that I have to either float the image left or align="left"

ol img{
float: left

<li>  <img src="images/free.gif"> SLAVERY EPHEMERY PROVIDES LINK TO LOST
HISTORY<br />10-18/2003</li>


That works fine in NS7.1, but both IE5 and Opera 7 lose the numeral (it
vanishes) .

Suggestions? Or just dump the list?