Re: Validating a password protected site?

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Subject: Re: Validating a password protected site?
Posted by:  Darin McGrew (mcgr…
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004

D. Alvarado <laredotorna…> wrote:
> What recommendations do you have about how to validate web pages that
> are password protected, short of saving the page, uploading it to a
> public server, and then running it through a validator?

In addition to the other suggestions...

With Opera, you can use Ctrl-Alt-V to validate the current page with the
W3C's online validator. It uses the file-upload mechanism of the validator,
uploading the version of the document in its cache. So use Opera to
navigate to the page you want to validate, and hit Ctrl-Alt-V.

Note that Opera doesn't send the character encoding, so you need to include
it in a META tag to appease the validator.

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