Please Help With SSIs...

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Subject: Please Help With SSIs...
Posted by:  Woodsrunner (answe…
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004

Not running my own server.  My site host says I can use SSIs on my pages.
When I try the supposedly "included" info never shows up in any browser
I've tried.

On pages where info (tags, etc) is to be included I enter the following
type of code, as I've learned from a number of what I consider rather
knowledgable people and sites online:
    <!--#include file="whatever.shtml" -->

I used "file" 'cause that's supposed to be relative to the directory of the
calling html file.  I was told "Virtual" is relative to the http server
root.  Since It's not my server, but is my directory, I used "file".

The tech sprt at my contracted host tells me I have to rename the calling
html file as shtml.  I quote his latest response:
    "There are only a couple page types that you can do includes with.
    That being shtml, ASP (Also ASP.Net Pages) and PHP.
    Html pages can do nothing other than straight HTML code."

Is he correct?  Or is he jerking my chain?

Please help.  I have many more pages to add to our site, and don't relish
the idea of doing edits on all those pages when we change something.  TIA