dead images after refresh

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Subject: dead images after refresh
Posted by:  Luna Kwok (lunakwok20…
Date: 23 Aug 2004


I have a very strange problem.  When I load up a page, all the images
look fine, but when I refresh the page, all the images become dead.
This happens on both IE and netscape.

I have each image set up as
<a href="/<dirname>/<pagename>.html"><img
src="/<dirname>/<imagename>.gif" alt="<imagetext>" border=0 /></a>

The images are in the <dirname> directory and load up fine at first.
If I load the ame page in a new browser, it looks fine again at first.
Any ideas on why this is happening?  I have a <meta
CONTENT="360;URL=http://<mydomain>/<dirname>/<pagename>.html"> between
the <head> tags, but this loads fine at first too, until I refresh, if
that might make a difference.