One form, two "actions" - HTML or ASP?

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Subject: One form, two "actions" - HTML or ASP?
Posted by:  Laura (salama…
Date: 31 Aug 2004


I'm pretty sure that this can be done, but I am unable to find
documentation on it.

Presently I have a plain HTML survey form where users check multiple
checkboxes, then submit.  The results are sent via email to the

What I also want to happen is a new confirmation page to open showing
the user what he/she has submitted.

So, essentially, I want:
<form action="Confirmation_page_with_all_checked_options.asp">
<form action="mailto:administrat…">

I presently only have the 2nd one working, since it is more important
for me to recieve the information at this point.

Thank you, any help is appreciated!