link underline and no underline how to?

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Subject: link underline and no underline how to?
Posted by:  jmaxsherkimer (jmaxsherkim…
Date: 10 Sep 2004

the site we're working on has some anchor links, you click them they
scroll to the bottom of the page with the answers to the questions
linked on to.  is there anyway to make it so that the links are not
underlined when the page loads, when the user moves the mouse over
it's underlined, mouse out no underline.  i tried:

<a href="#section14" class="drkblue08bold"

but that left the underline gone forever, the class there is just for
color, color does not change no need to,

also tried:

<a href="#section14" class="drkblue08bold"
onmouseover="  ='none';"

but this made it so there was no underline all the time, even if mouse
was over the text.

also tried

<a href="#section14" class="drkblue08bold"
onmouseover="  ='none';"

but with this the line is there when the page loads.

as you can see i'm also not using style sheets to do this, because the
main person who does the styles on the site is out for a while, so we
want to try to avoid messing with this work, is it possible to do this
without style sheets like above, or is style sheets are needed can
someone show how to do it.