An error message... "Content is not allowed in prolog."

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Subject: An error message... "Content is not allowed in prolog."
Posted by:  Richard R Plourde (SeaPlusPl…
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004

Well, the error message...

"Please, validate your XML document first!
Line 1

Column 1

Content is not allowed in prolog."

comes up when I try to verify my CSS...

I know, I know... this is html newsgroup... but the problem is in the html
file being saved as UTF-8 by windows notepad.

Of course, when I look at the file with a hex editor I see three bytes
before the first '<' (I expect to see the '<' as the first byte, not the
fouth byte.

So, is this a problem or have I done something wrong.

I swear this 'character encoding',  'character repertoire',  font selection
mularky is the most convoluted crock of shit I have ever seen in ALL of my