problems getting valid HTML out of PHP

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Subject: problems getting valid HTML out of PHP
Posted by:  lawrence (lkrubn…
Date: 17 Sep 2004

not sure if this is a PHP or HTML question. PHP sessions usually put a
"?" after the url and then the session number. Most validators choke
on the "?". What should I use instead? And where is the damn line? All
I can find is this:

; The separator used in PHP generated URLs to separate arguments.
; Default is "&".
;arg_separator.output = "&"

; List of separator(s) used by PHP to parse input URLs into variables.
; Default is "&".
; NOTE: Every character in this directive is considered as separator!
;arg_separator.input = ";&"

This is, I think, where I set it to use "&" instead of "&". But
how do I get rid of the question mark? How do people, in general, get
valid HTML when using PHP?