Multiple groups of radio buttons with same name?

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Subject: Multiple groups of radio buttons with same name?
Posted by:  Jeff (thrillho…
Date: 30 Sep 2004

I'm trying to create a dynamic form that can have multiple groups of
radio buttons (each group has two buttons) with the same name.

Essentially, the form allows a user to enter as many names as they
want.  If they need to add more, they click an "add name" button and
the javascript inserts another row of input boxes.  Each row should
have two radio buttons to indicate sex (M F).

When you have multiple text input boxes with the same name, they get
submitted as an array.  Multiple radio buttons with the same name only
submit one value.  Unfortunately, I can't give my radio buttons
different names because the user could insert as many names on the
form as he or she wants.

Is there some way around this?