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Subject: Re: Why use ASP,PHP,JSP,etc
Posted by:  Adrienne (arbpen20…
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed towlersim…
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> What is the purpose of basing your site on a server technology such as
> ASP, PHP, JSP, et al?
> My company's web provider bases our two sites on ASP and JSP
> respectively. One effect I notice is that it makes it almost impossible
> for our own people to put content onto our sites directly.

Let's take some examples:

1. Your website has products and picture of those products.  The records
are stored in a database, and the server gets the records and writes the
HTML to the browser.  If you have hundreds of products in different
categories, it's a lot easier for the server to do it than a person
sitting there typing every single product out.

2. Your website has a list of links and wants to keep track of when
someone has clicked on one of those links.  The links are stored in a
database, and each time someone clicks on it, the counter is increased by
one.  At the end of the month, a report could be generated showing how
many hits each link had.

If you cannot add/delete/modify these things, then you need to tell your
web provider that they need to create pages that allow you to do that.

Adrienne Boswell
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