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Subject: audio files
Posted by:  fuliop…
Date: 14 Apr 2005

I like to create some audio files for my web site. These are all
language files to help the visitor learn a foreign language.  There is
no music.

As far as I know, I can create three types of such files: .wav, .mp3
and .wma.  But my knowledge may be too old.  Is there any new type?

I've seen an indicator for audio files in some language-learning pages.
It is a small trumpet.  Clicking it would play the sound file.  Is
this small trumpet a graphic file, such as of .gif or .jpg, or
automatically created by the software for the audio files?  I've
created all .wav, .mp3 and .wma files, but did not see the option for
displaying this small trumpet.

My software for creating .wav files came with Windows XP, and that for
..mp3 and .wma files was downloaded free, thus may not be sophisticated

Thanks for information.