types of audio files for web page

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Subject: types of audio files for web page
Posted by:  fuliop…@yahoo.com
Date: 28 Apr 2005

I know there are three types of audio files: wav, mp3 and wma.  Keeping
other factors, such as KHz, bit. mono or stereo, constant, the largest
type is wav, and wma is the smallest.  Is this correct?  Are there
other types?

I record audio files only for small pieces of speech, such as words,
phrases and brief sentences.  I don't do music at all.  But I want to
keep the file sizes as small as possible, because I must do a great
number of them.  The quality of sound is not important, as long as is
audible and clear.

Now in my computer the software of Dart CD-Recorder 4 for recording wma
and Jukebox for mp3 is free.  And the Sound Recorder for wav files came
with XP.  I am considering to buy either Dart or Jukebox.  My question

For my work, which one is better?  Both software is cheap.  But I still
want to know which type of file I should use for my speech files.