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Subject: Order of next, home, prev links in page
Posted by:  Lars Eighner (eighn…@io.com)
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005

I suppose this is a meta-html question, but it seems to go
directly to an authoring issue.

Which order of next, home (menu, index, main, contents), prev links do you
prefer, and why?

1. next | home | prev


2. prev | home | next

1. puts next first in the tabbing order, which is convenient
because it is presumed that most users, most of the time, will
want to follow ordered pages in order.

2. I suppose has an intuitive appeal to those of us with
languages that are read from left to right and so seems
reasonable for a page in English.

Both schemes seem to occur with some frequency, but I am not
sure which is more common.  If one is much more common than the
other, then that might be an argument for it, since presumably
it would be what most users expect most of the time.

I guess

home | prev | next


next | prev | home

might also have some adherents if home (menu, contents, index,
main) is considered as the first page.

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